There are a few RNPCs and NPCs appearing in version 2.4.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Characters

Possible RNPCs include:

  • Mi Karjalainen: ice-based fighter, found at Auch
  • Viki: summoner
  • Angie McKenzie: engineer, found at Queen’s Gate
  • Gavin Jameson: fighter (rapier & pistol), found around Bahia
  • FengLing (Soso): fighter (knuckles), found in Bahia
  • Edward Jameson: fighter (?), found in Land of the Dead
  • Kurt Lyndon: fighter (?), found in Land of the Dead.

New NPCs may also appear if you know where to find them: Witch of Bahamas, the Count (?), Rosablanca, etc.

New Items

There would be new equipment such as weapons and accessories, special costumes and RNPC costumes and item recipes.

New premium items have been added such as quest items, RNPCs, beachwear, special dungeon passes, etc.


Granado Espada English Trailer

Sunday, January 6, 2008

From creator of RAGNAROK ONLINE (IMC Games) comes an exciting new MMORPG. Granado Espada is the latest brainchild of Kim HakKyu, a legendary game producer in Korea. It is after all believed that every game that Kim produces will be a hit.

Not only does Granado Espada take the latest 3D graphics and sound technology to a different level, it also has a concept that is very different from your classic online games. In fact, when the game beta came out, it was hailed as a revolution in online gaming. It was also the most anticipated game in 2005.

Using the latest in 3D technology for the fight sequences, each character expression take up over 6000 polygons per frame….

Big Wendy the muscular whippet

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rare genetic mutation increases muscles,
weight of sleek breed Wendy the Whippet has a genetic disorder that has resulted in an exceptionally muscular appearance.

Photograph by : Bruce Stotesbury, Times Colonist

MYMU Online Private Server Now Release

Saturday, December 22, 2007

In a millennium’s time, the Land of MU has advanced and developed the empire in great bounding strides. However, as foretold in the Great Prophecy, Secromicon, the Continent of MU fell into overwhelming chaos. Great leaders who had once controlled the MU Continent now have fallen low, and the central government; due to the internal strife and warfare amongst power hungry feudal lords, have brought the kingdom asunder and thus the empire crumbled. The millennium of peace and bounty is now a mere memory and dark stains of blood now cover the land. The ravages of war have laid waste to the once beautiful land and the shedding of blood still knows no end. Even now, petty feudal lords endlessly build up their machines of war and futilely attempt to re-establish what once was.

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Granado Espada | Model |

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Granado Espada Characters | Elementalist |

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Elementalists are purely offensive magic users. The Elementalist pulls their magic from powerful Bracelets of Fire, Ice and Lightning. At higher levels, the Elementalist can use two Bracelets at once, synergizing multiple elements for extremely powerful attacks. Elementalists need heavy protection due to their low defense and slow running speed.

Granado Espada Characters | Scout |

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Scouts are quick healers and battle assistants. Although able to wield small daggers, they are best used in a complimentary role to the main attackers. Scouts can resurrect, heal, and even set traps at higher levels. Scouts are extremely quick and able to quickly escape a battle field.

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